Dear Academicians, Distinguished Pharmacist Colleagues, Bureaucrats, Valuable Representatives of our Pharmaceuticals Industry and Dear Students,

International İVEK Biotechnology Congress (İVEK BIO 2018) will be executed with your participation and contribution on 26-28 November 2018 in Ottoman Archives meeting halls in İstanbul.

Biotechnological drug production gains importance day by day with the increase in biotechnological studies in health sector. As biotechnological products have started to be used in treatment and received a great share from the economy, number of studies carried out and number of products developed in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology have increased considerably. It is seen that in 2018 drugs which had most of the market share are the ones produced with biotechnological methods which are used against cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and viral infections. Therefore, at the congress we plan to execute, we have aimed to convene different platforms which make scientific contribution to biotechnological field in health, who study in this field and produce biotechnological drugs and we wanted to ensure transfer and exchange of current knowledge in this field. Besides, we have also targeted to announce developments and new discoveries in biotechnological drugs and products with participation of technopolis and start-up companies.

We are very proud and happy to invite you the meeting of which its headings provided below:

Language of İVEK BİO 2018 Congress will be Turkish and English. “Abstracts” prepared in English  shall be evaluated and the ones accepted shall be printed in the abstract book.

We look forward to meeting you at İVEK BİO 2018 Congress in İstanbul,

With love and respect

Congress Chairperson
Prof. Dr. Ayşe Gülten KANTARCI

Congress Secretary General


Abstract Submission Start
15 August 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline
22 October 2018
Congress Dates
26-28 November 2018

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